It’s a racer! It’s a platformer! It’s a beloved motocross classic!


Japanese title: エキサイトバイク • Excitebike

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985 [NES-EB-USA]
Japanese release date: Nov. 1984 [HVC-EB]
European release date: Sept. 1986 [NES-EB]
Genre: Racing (Motocross)
Alternate versions: Vs. System [1985]; PlayChoice-10 [Arcade1985]; Sharp X1 [1985]; NEC PC-8801 [1985]; Famicom Disk System [1988]*; Animal Crossing [GameCube2002]; eCard [GBA2003]; NES Classics series [GBA2004]; 3D Classics [3DS, 2011Virtual Console [Wii, 2008; 3DS, 2013Wii U2013; Vs. ExcitebikeWii U, 2015]
*Note: Famicom Disk System version was an expanded adaptation of the Vs. System game, released under the name Vs. Excitebike.


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