A showcase for the NES’s Trojan horse peripheral R.O.B., Gyromite is in fact a lot more fun than it really needed to be.


Japanese title: ロボットジャイロ • Robot Gyro

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985 [NES-GY]
Japanese release date: Aug. 1985 [HVC-GYS]
Genre: Platformer (Puzzle)
Alternate versions: None


Gyromite set

Gyromite box

Gyromite back

Gyromite quarter 1

Gyromite quarter 2

Gyromite cart

Gyromite manual

Gyromite lever 2
Gyromite power Gyromite controller press Gyromite spinner Gyromite controller 2 Gyromite ROB quarter 6 Gyromite ROB quarter 5 Gyromite ROB quarter 4

Gyromite ROB quarter 3 Gyromite ROB quarter 2

Gyromite ROB quarter 1 Gyromite controller Gyromite gyro Gyromite gyro closeup Gyromite ROB setup Gyromite gyro cover