Leap to the pinnacle of the mountain, alone or with a friend, in order to rescue abducted eggplants from a dino-bird. 8-bit games were weird, man.

Ice Climber

Japanese title: アイスクライマー • Ice Climber

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985 [NES-IC]
Japanese release date: Jan. 1985 [HVC-IC]
European release date: Sept. 1986 [NES-IC]
Genre: Platforming
Alternate versions: Vs. System [1985]; PlayChoice-10 [Arcade1985]; Famicom Disk System [1988]*; Animal Crossing [GameCube2002]; eCard [GBA2003]; NES Classics series [GBA2004]; Virtual Console [Wii, 2008; 3DS, 2013Wii U2013]
*Note: Famicom Disk System version was an expanded adaptation of the Vs. System game, released under the name Ice Climber.


Ice Climber set Ice Climber front Ice Climber back Ice Climber quarter 1 Ice Climber quarter 2 Ice Climber cart Ice Climber manual