Irem’s Jackie Chan-based arcade brawler was the first of two third-party releases to be brought under Nintendo’s wing for the NES launch.

Kung Fu

Japanese title: スパータンX • Spartan-X
European title: Kung-Fu Master

Developer: Nintendo/Irem
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985 [NES-WR]
Japanese release date: June 1985 [HVC-WR]
European release date: April 1987 [NES-WR]
Genre: Brawling
Alternate versions: Arcade [1984]; MSX [1984]; Atari 7800 [1989]; Apple II [1985]; Commodore 64 [1985]; PlayChoice-10 [Arcade1985]; Amstrad CPC [1987]; Atari 2600 [1987]; Game Boy [1990]


Kung Fu set

Kung Fu front

Kung Fu back

Kung Fu quarter 2

Kung Fu quarter 1
Kung Fu cart

Kung Fu manual