Less a game than an interactive demo for R.O.B., Stack-Up feels rushed out the door moreso than any other NES launch title.


Japanese title: ロボットブロック • Robot Block

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985
Japanese release date: July 1985
Genre: Puzzle
Alternate versions: None


Note: The images below feature elements of the Japanese version: Red R.O.B. claw attachments (dark grey in the U.S.) and cream-colored platforms (light grey in the U.S.). The peripherals are otherwise identical between regions.

Stack-Up set

Stack-Up set 2

Stack-Up box 2

Stack-Up back 2

Stack-Up quarter 2

Stack-Up quarter 1

Stack-Up quarter comparison

Stack-Up manual 2

Stack-Up cart 2

ROB Stack Up front
ROB Stack Up holding top-down
ROB Stack Up rear

ROB Stack Up left front
ROB Stack Up holding close-up

Stack-Up blocks 2

Stack-Up blocks 3