An odd, belated attempt to clone Pac-Man that nevertheless has its own interesting legacy.

Clu Clu Land

Japanese title: クルクルランド • Kuru Kuru Land

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
U.S. release date: Oct. 1985 [NES-HA-USA]
Japanese release date: Nov. 1984 [HVC-HA]
European release date: Feb. 1987 [NES-DH]
Genre: Action (Maze)
Alternate versions: Vs. System [1985]; PlayChoice-10 [Arcade1985];  Famicom Disk System [1992]*; Animal Crossing [GameCube2002]; eCard [GBA2003]; Famicom Mini series [GBA, 2004Virtual Console [Wii, 2008; 3DS, 2013Wii U2013]
*Note: Famicom Disk System version was an expanded adaptation of the Vs. System game, released in Japan under the name New Clu Clu Land and localized in the U.S. as Clu Clu Land D.


Clu Clu Land set

Clu Clu Land front
Clu Clu Land back

Clu Clu Land quarter 1

Clu Clu Land quarter 2

Clu Clu Land cart

Clu Clu Land manual