Buy the book! This massive tome offers a reasonably comprehensive overview of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The book covers everything from the system’s Japanese release as the Family Computer in 1983 to modern successors (2015 indie darling Axiom Verge) and current phenomena (the current NES collector’s boom). Features detailed essays on key moments and games in the NES’s life, brief critical looks at roughly 200 NES and Famicom games, and a comprehensive listing of every licensed NES release.

Good Nintentions began life five years ago as GameSpite Quarterly 5, but this edition has been overhauled from top to bottom. Every article has been freshly edited, updated when necessary, and expanded. Game writeups have been doubled in size, and dozens of new games that didn’t make the cut in the older editions are now included. On top of that, the book has been reorganized with much cleaner layouts and a more logical, chronological sequencing for the contents. And, of course, now you can read it in full color.

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Huge thanks to all the original contributors to GameSpite Quarterly 5, and to Bill Mudron for the gorgeous cover artwork.